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Classic Family Dishes

A Kingly Table

The Vinh Hung Restaurant has perfected and carefully guarded our family menu through the generations, concentrating our menu on the delicious regional cuisine of Hoi An and central coastal Vietnamese dishes, an area with a winning reputation of offering some of the best food in Vietnam.

Central Vietnam's important historical heritage is strongly reflected in it's cuisine. Adding chilli and spices and a characteristic presentation - known as a Kingly Table of many shared dishes instead of the common bowl. At Vinh Hung we truly embrace this culture of bringing family and friends together over food. Our staff are on hand to help you select a winning combination of dishes addressing the 5 tastes. Sweetness, sourness, saltiness, hotness and bitterness for which we are so famous.

As tastes evolve, so have we and the restaurant has been passed into the hands of our brother Cahn, who possesses a strong commitment to sharing our family values but at the same time moving our menu forward to bring you a small, but expertly created choice of Italian flavours to our A La Carte menu for those of you looking for a more familiar taste of home.

A Little Sample of our Favourite Dishes!


Pho Bo - Pho Ga

After making the effort to travel to Vietnam, arguably the land of the richest and healthiest cuisine in the world, no one should leave without sampling it’s most famous dish. Pho Bo! At Vinh Hung Restaurant we are rather proud of our Pho, a recipe we have perfected over many years.

A flavouful beef or chicken stock, flat delicate rice noodles, spring onion and slices of the best quality beef or free range chicken, bought to your table with a bundle of fresh local basil, coriander, mint, bean sprouts, chilli and lime to crush and add to taste.

Pork Vermicelli

A Vietnamese staple known nationwide as Bun Thit Nuong. Bun vermicelli (a light, almost translucent rice noodle) served on a bed of greens - salads and cucumber, herbs and bean sprouts, topped with grilled, shredded pork. Served with a bowl of fish sauce infused with vinegar, garlic, chilli, sugar and pepper. Containing all the essential tastes - Sweet, sour, hot and salty.

Chilli & Lemongrass Pork

Tender pork strips glazed in a fragrant chilli and lemongrass sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with steamed rice.

Saute Garlic Morning Glory

Morning Glory stir fried with garlic, spring onion in a light soy sauce with crispy, caramelized shallots.








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