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Hoi An Speciality Menu

Classic Hoi An Cuisine

We pride ourselves in our regional cuisine and use only the freshest herbs and vegetables, collected everyday from the famous Tra Que herb gardens, the finest meat and freshly caught seafood. Where we can we source all of our ingredients locally, trading with the same local farmers and families that have put their heart and soul into growing the best organic produce for generations.


Cao Lau

Hoi An’s famous Cau Lau! Delicious chewy rice noodles made from the water of the Ba Le Well, served with tender slices of pork simmered in soy and 5 spice, abundant fresh local herbs, crunchy lettuce, tangles of bean sprouts and crisp croutons. All thrown together with a delicate pork broth. With a side dish of chilli jam and lime to spice things up.


White Rose

Originating from a secret recipe bought to Hoi An by the Chinese Tran family, the saying is that if you have not yet enjoyed White Rose - then you have not yet tasted the true flavour of Hoi An   ancient town.

Delicate flower shaped rice flour wrappers stuffed with a mix of shrimp and vegetables, simmered then topped with caramalised dry fried shallots and presented with a fragrant shrimp, lemon and chilli dipping broth.


Fried Wonton

Another delicious, local delicacy - deep fried wontons filled with shrimp pork and vegetables then deep fried until crisp. Served with a light leaf salad, tomato and a light dipping sauce.


Crispy Crepe

Also known locally as Country pancakes and a firm favourite in our restaurant. Flash fried, crispy rice pancakes stuffed full of flavourful shrimp, pork, binding egg and crunchy bean sprouts. These delicious pancakes are served with a herby leaf salad, slithers of cucumber and young banana and a plate of rice paper to create your own spring roll to dip in a wonderful peanut satay sauce.

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